We Service Bad Boy Buggies!

It’s time to get your Bad Boy Buggies vehicle serviced & ready to go for the upcoming hunting seasons! The Classic, Recoil & Recoil iS, Ambush or Ambush iS, XT’s, XTO’s, you name it...we’ll work on them!


Be sure to NOT wait until the last minute, as it can take some time to get in the parts they may need!



The Stampede 900™ 4X4....bring it on!


German engine, meet American ingenuity. The Stampede 900™ 4x4 features a German-designed, precision-tuned engine that's packed with 80HP, 846cc, more torque than you know what to do with, forged internals and a dry sump oil system. Built to go wherever you want, and built for the long haul, there's nothing you can't do with the power of Stampede!!!



The Bad Boy Off Road Onslaught™ brings it. With a liquid-cooled 503cc EFI engine you get more than enough power to explore the trails or get the day’s work done. Double a-arm suspension and 12" ground clearance give superior ride quality.  The brightest lights in its class give you more hours in the day so your adventure can last as long as you do.




Now combining 4 front facing passengers and a rear dump cargo bed and all of the incredible performance features of the standard Recoil iS™.




With a fully electric, full-time 4WD system offering to 40 miles of range between charges, the Recoil iS™ can power through the toughest terrain in silence.




With Bad Boy Off Road exclusive Regen Mode, you can recharge the electric powertrain every time you drive using the gas engine. A dash-mounted Regen switch allows you to choose between high or low settings, and creates a corresponding amount of resistance. This resistance is turned into energy and sent back into the battery pack. With your gas engine, electric motor and batteries working together, you can cover more ground without worrying about turning back.




The 2WD HD Electric™ features a powerful, 72-volt AC electric drivetrain and plenty of room for everyone’s gear, with cargo space between the front and back seats on the four-passenger model and a spacious cargo bed on the two-passenger model. For camping, fishing, trail riding and more, the HD Electric™ gets you there.