AACO Golf Carts LLC


AACO Golf Carts is family owned and operated. Customer service is our specialty!

Bob McFall, owner of AACO, has been in sales since the age of 18, and throughout the many years of working for other businesses, realized he needed a more flexible option in order to coach his daughters' softball teams and spend time with his family. Eventually, he progressed into owning a cookie distributorship, but after a lot of time and not a lot of income realized that the cookie business has a lot of crumbs and not quite enough dough to support a large family.

The next step led him to the backyard, with a canopy top and a straw floor, where he began to fix up old and broken down golf carts. One Christmas, his wife and kids bought him a space heater and Craftsman lights for the backyard cart operation, as he was spending so many hours back there in the dead of winter! After realizing that the neighbors would eventually complain if the business kept growing, a friend offered an empty building to move the golf carts to in the lower income residential / business district in town.


Now, Bob has progressed to the premiere strip of ATV & Golf Cart dealers on Morgan Avenue in Evansville, IN and is an authorized E-Z-GO dealer. AACO keeps growing, and the business that started on the straw floor and canopy, one cold winter, has turned into one of the largest golf carts, parts, & accessories businesses in the area. AACO is a true family business with Bob and his wife, kids, siblings, nieces and nephews and other close relatives as employees. The foundations of this business began with the aspirations of spending more time with his kids, and without close friends and family would not be where it is today.